2018 Alumni

Name Major Subsystems Held Present Endeavors
Bryan Doney Mechanical Engineering Vehichle Dynamics and Structures Lead, Manufacturing Lead, Dampers and ARB's, A-Arms and Kinematics Haas Automation, Inc
Ricardo Gonzalez Mechanical Engineering Exhaust and DrivetrainProcomp
Tim Heiderer Mechanical EngineeringFuel and Engine Porsche
David Hernandez Aerospace Engineering Undertray and Rear Wing Raytheon
Richard HerreraElectrical Engineering Harness and controls Southern California Edison
Matthew HushElectrical EngineeringUser-Interface Electronics, Electrical Integration and Harness Data Acquisition and Sensors AeroVironment
Emma Kalayjian Computer Information Systems (CIS) Business Lead Sales Dashboard User Interface NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Albert Lin Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamics Northrop Grumman Corporation
Christopher Lugo Electrical Engineering Electrical Integration Faraday Future
David Martinez Mechanical Engineering Muffler, A-arms, Dampers, ARB's and Buisness Captain Faraday Future
Timothy Newbold II Mechanical Engineering Cooling, Dyno and Tuning Faraday Future
Ignacio Saldivar Mechanical Engineering Steering Northrop Grumann Corporation
Kevin Wong Mechanical Engineering Engine and IntakesRaytheon

2017 Alumni

Name Major Subsystems Held Present Endeavors
Mike CurtisMechanical EngineeringCooling Faraday Future
Justin FelixFinance, Real Estate, and LawTreasurer and Cost ReportMarcus and Millichap
Jacky Hsieh Mechanical Engineering ShifterARIA Group
Lilliana OchoaMechanical EngineeringMuffler NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Bejec Reimer Electrical EngineeringElectrical Integration Software Engineer at Faraday Future
Kevin ValenciaMechanical Engineering Cooling and Vice President RBC Bearings

2016 Alumni

Name Major Subsystems Held Present Endeavors
John AlserElectrical EngineeringDashboardPowertrain Engineer at Faraday Future
Daniel Chen Mechanical EngineeringBodywork, Carbon Wheels and SeatAria Group
Faith ForcucciMechanical EngineeringPresident and BrakesSiemens PLM
Karlo GalvanMechanical EngineeringCooling, Intake, Camshafts Performance and SponsorshipsRomeo Power Technology
Jan LopezComputer EngineeringSensor IntegrationFiat Chrysler Automobiles
Angelo LopezMechanical EngineeringBrakes, Camshafts stress analysis, Hubs and Uprights Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems, Inc.
Giovanni LunaElectrical EngineeringElectricalFaraday Future
Brandon Marshall Mechanical Engineering Engines and Calibration Honda Performance Development
Luis MoralesMechanical EngineeringShifter, Drivetrain and Camshafts integration SEMA
Lucien MullerMechanical EngineeringSuspension and ARBChain Reaction Bicycles
Christopher NilsenMechanical EngineeringDesign Lead and Steering Sandia National Labs
Johnathan PlataElectrical EngineeringHarnessSouthern California Edison
Jun QuElectrical EngineeringHarness Faraday Future
Jesus ReyngaMechanical EngineeringEngines, Exhaust, Campshafts performance and Powertrain LeadHonda Performance Development
Garlin SprouleMechanical EngineeringImpact Attenuator, Hubs and Uprights, Chassis, Cam shafts Stress Analysis, Treasurer and Sponsorships Haas Automation, Inc
Stefan TomalikMechanical EngineeringSteeringApex Vinyls
David ZimmermanMechanical Engineering Vehicle Dynamics lead and Springs and Dampers Subsystem Nissan Motor Company - Safety and Restraints Department

2015 Alumni

Name Major Subsystems Held Present Endeavors
Sandeep AnanthuChemical Engineering and Mechanical EngineeringDampersFord Motor Company
Kyle BartholomewMechanical EngineeringSteering Mechatronics Engineer at Neural Analytics
George CarrComputer EngineeringData AcquisitionPhoenix Motorcars
Chris FreestoneMechanical EngineeringExhaust/Turbo/MufflerAchates Power
Megan GibsonMechanical Engineering Suspension, Vehicle Simulations and Race Engineer Sierra Lobo Inc.
Danny JierianAerospace EngineeringIntegration Lead and AerodynamicsHonda R&D Americas, Inc
Willians LeeMechanical EngineeringSteering and DrivetrainRomeo Power Technology
Conner MorrisMechanical EngineeringPresident Anti-Roll Bars, Pedals, SteeringJE Pistons
Trevor NicholsMechanical EngineeringCooling and ChassisBrake Design Engineer at ZF Group
Steve SaffronMechanical EngineeringDesign and Vehicle Dynamics Lead, Electronic Throttle Body, Tires and Wheels Banks Power

2014 Alumni

Name Major Subsystems Held Present Endeavors
Ryan BowersMechanical EngineeringDesign Lead, ChassisRace Engineer at Joe Gibbs Racing
Matt CordatoMechanical EngineeringIntakeFARO
Caleb DuescherAerospace EngineeringAerodynamicse3 Partners
Kevin LeeMechanical Engineering FuelNorthrop Grumman
Chris OtaniMechanical EngineeringData Acquisition Banks Power
Eric SavengrithMechanical EngineeringBrakes
John TranMechanical EngineeringDrivetrain and Treasurer Bauer