Bronco Motorsports is the Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE team.  Through research and rigorous application of CPP's "learn by doing" philosophy, we strive for excellence as we compete internationally.

2018 - 2019 Team

Cristofer Mayers


Tuning Captain

Brakes Captain

Emilio Concha

Design Lead

A-Arms Captain

Springs/Dampers Captain

Kimberly Ramirez

Powertrain Lead

Engines/Intake Captain

Owen Wilkening

Vehicle Dynamics Lead

A-Arms Captain

Chassis Captain

Cooling Captain

Gerson Ramos

Electrical Lead

Dashboard Captain

Nicholas Curran

Testing Lead

Drivetrain Captain



Isai Alvarez

Electrical Integration Captain

Darshan Bagivalu


Nevada Chovan

Fuel Captain

Ernesto Esparza

Electrical Integration Captain

Eduardo Garcia

Aerodynamics Captain

Rachel Hansen

Headers/Mufflers Captain

Brian Helt

Electrical Harness/Integration Captain

Michael Hernandez

Steering Captain

Matthew Kuykendall

Bodywork Captain

Christian Posada

Ergonomics Captain

Sarah Ramlaoui

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Captain

Craig Rutty

Shifter Captain

Hubs/Uprights Captain




Mechanical Shifter





Graphic Design




AshTON Teimoori




AARON George

Electrical Integration




Sean Nguyen






Intake Flow



Gavin James

Clutch Handle




Jose Rivera





Martin Villasaldo


Scott Boskovich

Scott Boskovich

Dr. Boskovich is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering Technology.   Prior to joining the Electromechanical Engineering Dept. in Fall of 2015, he was a full time senior research engineer for The Boeing Company for 20 years focusing on advanced processing architectures, navigation and sensor systems for manned unmanned systems, and unmanned autonomous vehicles and systems.  While working full-time in industry, he taught part time in the Electrical Computer Engineering Dept. where he has been actively involved with the Northrop Grumman Collaboration Project for unmanned systems in which Dr. Bhandari, Dr. Aliyazicioglu and Dr. Tang are also involved.   

He currently is an active reviewer of journal and conference papers for IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems.  His dissertation topic included distributed vehicle to vehicle collaboration algorithms within an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) framework.   Dr. Boskovich has been actively involving undergraduate and graduate students from various departments in his research. His current research interests include developing cooperable and collaborable distributed autonomous control techniques and algorithms for autonomous vehicle and also research for sports motion analytics.

If you have a passion for motorsports, engineering, business, or all of the above, we want you to join our team! Listed below are a few things you should do if you want to join.

Join The Team

Check us out at the Bronco Fusion Club Fair

Talk to team members and get answers to your questions. We love talking to prospective members! Most importantly, get on our email list to find out about meetings and events. If you missed the club fair, Contact Us to get on the email list.


Attend our weekly U-Hour meetings

Our subsystem captains give presentations on a different part of the car every week. This is a great way to learn about race cars and engineering, even if you aren’t planning on joining the team! The room number will be announced through our email list.


Attend shop-day Fridays

Every Friday we open up the shop for prospective members to work on team projects and build their skills. Shop days are the best way to learn about our car and take part in manufacturing in a very hands-on environment.


Attend Autocross Weekends

Many weekends during the Fall and Winter we will go to the SCCA Autocross event at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana. We sell burgers and t-shirts, and we work the autocross course for the attendees for a fee. These weekends are an important fundraiser for us and we need as many helpers as we can get.


Our team member selection process starts in the Fall. The more events you attend and the more interest and dedication you show, the more likely you are to be added to the team. While some previous technical experience helps, it is absolutely not required. We are looking for dedicated members who thrive on learning and discovering. We add members of all classes, from Freshmen to Super-Seniors. Anyone can be a part of the CPP FSAE club by coming to U-hour meetings, but to be a part of the team (going to competitions, designing parts of the car, etc.) club members must show dedication to our team and the capability to learn and design at a high level.