AB Tools Inc.

ACP Composites

Active Sensors

Advanced Circuits

Active Sensors

Alumin-Art Plating Co.

Ashworth Metal Products

Auto Performance Engineering

Azusa Pipe & Tube Bending


Derale Performance

Extreme Autowerks

Fluid Tech

Fog Buster

Hench Manufacturing

Home Depot, Glendora


HSM Works

IQ Corporation

Jaz Products

KDE Direct


LabJack Corporation

Metal Improvement

Metro Re-Styling


Professor Dixon Davis

RC Engineering


Rod Moruzzi 


Target, Diamond Bar

Texsys Sensors


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Sponsors are vital to the success of the Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE team. California Polytechnic University, Pomona kindly provides our team with laboratory facilities and a finite amount of money supplied annually. The majority of the team’s budget and material, however, is provided entirely by monetary or in-kind donations from sponsors. Benefits of becoming a sponsor for one of the top collegiate SAE teams in the world include sponsor visibility and recruiting opportunities.

The future success of our team will come not only from the dedication and work of the student team, but from businesses, organizations, and individuals like you. We depend on your services, materials, and donations to compete and succeed in Formula SAE.

The Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE team would like to formally thank our sponsors for their support.